Thursday Writing Prompt No. 91

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. False infrared.

A scene in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. False infrared.

Halloween is just a week away and my deadlines are looming for some freelance writing projects, while other projects are just getting started. In honor of the season, I will be doing some research on the Goat Man, a local legend in Prince George’s County, Maryland, for a forthcoming encyclopedia volume on myth and legend. I’ll post more information about the project as we get closer to the publication date.
Your Thursday Writing Prompt is to write a scene for a haunted-building thriller. The photo above is St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, located in historic Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. The architecture is Neo-Gothic, which is a fairly typical setting for haunted houses. Feel free to use the atmospheric image for inspiration, or make a modern building your setting.
Your task is to build atmosphere for a story. Use descriptive language for the setting, and be sure to include sensory details, such as smells or sounds. Weather is a perennial topic for a haunted setting, and you can use rain, wind, or thunderstorms to great effect. Aim for 350 words and don’t worry about the story or characters — just build the setting. This exercise is mainly a task in building atmosphere, not plot. Have fun!