Thursday Writing Prompt No. 93

Welcome to this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. I just got back from a weekend in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, where I attended the Strasburg Railroad’s Steampunk Unlimited event. I stayed at the Red Caboose Motel, which has real cabooses and train cars that have been turned into motel rooms. The motel also has a petting zoo that included sheep, goats, and chickens. Lots of chickens.

I’ve learned that roosters don’t just crow at dawn. Ten o-clock at night and three in the morning work just as well. But I’m not complaining about the birds. I can’t say that the chickens kept me awake or woke me up, and it was nice to hear something other than the constant roar of Interstate traffic for a few nights.

For this week’s prompt, I’m giving you a list of things that I encountered on my trip. Your task is to incorporate them into a short story of any length. Here are the items:

  • white rooster
  • motor scooter
  • bank barn
  • steam train
  • hot-air balloon
  • cake

I bet you didn’t expect the chicken, did you? Now, go and write.