Thursday Writing Prompt No. 95

Buffalo sculpture in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Buffalo (bison) sculpture in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt takes you on an old-fashioned road trip. Your task is to find a postcard or some other bit of travel advertising and write a descriptive paragraph about that travel destination. I took this photograph in Salt Lake City, Utah, during our vacation in 2010. As you can see, the bison statue has travel stickers pasted all over it, so if you can’t find a postcard you like, then use one of these places as your inspiration.

Set yourself a word goal and a time limit and get to work. About 350 words should be enough for you to describe the scenery without having to go into too much detail. This is not a story, but a possible setting for a story, so don’t worry about characters, dialogue, or plot. Just take yourself on a virtual road trip to gather some information about a place and then write about it. Try to use descriptive language and include sensory details to make the reader feel as though he or she is actually at the location.