February Insanity

Stress. You can’t live with it, and you probably can’t live without it. But it sure would be nice to have a little bit less of it in my life right about now. Today my glasses broke. I wasn’t even doing anything with them, just picking them up off my desk, and the arm swung around like a windmill. I’m also under a lot of stress at work, plus I have some freelance writing projects for the weekend and my thesis to get done.

Oddly, it’s not the thesis that is stressing me. I thought I would really have a hard time coming up with twenty to thirty-thousand words on one subject, but so far I’m not. It just takes time to write this stuff and I have to keep on keeping on or risk falling too far behind and not meeting the deadline. This isn’t NaNo writing, either. I can make that up as I go, but academic writing means I have to cite material and find sources and do a lot of fact-checking. The biggest problem is to avoid going off on tangents on everything interesting I find, which is really a lot of stuff.

I am treating the thesis the same way I did NaNo, though: with daily word-count goals. I’ve been more or less successful, but today was a total waste and included enough stress to induce an aneurism in all but the most sedate individuals. I’m afraid I don’t qualify as “sedate,” especially since I spent the evening wrestling with an angry cockatiel. Perhaps it’s the weather. I sure hope so, because that means if I wait five minutes it will change…

Anyway, the thesis is up to just over fifteen thousand words, although some of that may get stripped out, but it’s encouraging to see sixty-nine pages in the document when I open the file and know that I am going to meet the required minimum word- and page-count for the thesis. I may go over, but it will be easier to edit down than to make up thousands of words the day before the deadline. I have just over three weeks to write another ten thousand or so words to complete the draft, then there will be time to revise for the final project that’s due in April.