Thursday Writing Prompt No. 98


Will spring never get here? Honestly, I like snow, but I’m really done with the sub-freezing weather this year and snow in the metropolitan area is not something to enjoy. It just makes traffic worse. And look at these poor little crocus flowers! I think the crocus came up last year in February. This year they only just managed to bloom after St. Patrick’s Day and they were rewarded by being covered up in snow.

This week’s writing prompt is a grab-bag of five items that you must use in a story. Here’s the scenario: you’re looking around in your garage for your snow shovel, which you just used a few days ago, so you know it’s in here somewhere. In the process of scouring the garage for the missing tool, you find these items:

  • a broken action-figure doll sans clothing
  • a chewed red plastic dog food bowl
  • three keys on a leather key fob
  • a baseball glove
  • an antique carpenter’s square

Come up with the scenario for a story that uses all of these items that isn’t a short story about a flea market or yard sale! The genre can be whatever you choose. Enjoy!