Longest Week in the History of the Universe


My stomach. Waiting for a grade.

This is the longest week in the history of the universe. Previously I had believed that it was the last week of elementary school before summer vacation, or the last week before Christmas or my birthday. But how wrong I was! Waiting for feedback on my final draft of my master’s thesis is tough. Each day seems to span an eon of geologic time. Set adrift from assignments, I can’t decide whether to read, write, bake cookies, crochet, tie knots, go for a run, or stick pins in a styrofoam ball (seriously, I’m doing some craft stuff).

To be fair, it’s only been four days since the assignment was due but I have to resist the temptation to check in on the virtual classroom every hour to see if there’s news yet. There are only two questions I have. The first one is, Can I call myself a historian now? And second, what do I do next?