Thursday Writing Prompt No. 99

This weekend I’m going to head out to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I’ve crocheted since I was a child, although I didn’t do much in the way of handicrafts for many years. In the past few years I’ve developed an interest in kumihimo braiding, and last year I bought a 10″ rigid heddle loom and made exactly one scarf. I’ve also dabbled a bit with hand spinning, but I think I’ve only made about a foot of yarn so far. However, in the interest of trying different fibers, I have a cotton seedling on my windowsill. I hope to harvest enough cotton to spin enough thread to make a potholder or mug rug. That’s probably ambitious, though.

Thinking about the sheep and wool festival made me think of some really silly animal puns, ewe know? So that’s this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. Your task is to come up with sentences that incorporate animal names in place of common English words. These exercises have no point except to loosen your writerly inhibitions and have some fun with language, but they may end up sparking an idea for a story. Aim for a dozen silly sentences and don’t worry if they don’t make much sense. Enjoy!