Thursday Writing Prompt No. 101

fake beach postcard

This imaginary Shell Beach postcard is really North Carolina’s Outer Banks.
But with a bit of Photoshop magic, it makes a cool retro postcard.

Welcome to this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. Since I finished my thesis in April I’ve been having a bit of trouble settling down to work on long-term projects. But it’s barely been a month since I’ve finished school, and I’ve been in school since 2003, finishing my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. I guess taking a month off to dawdle about and do mostly nothing is okay, although I can’t help but feel I should be producing something of value.

And now, on to the prompt. Refer to my “postcard” above. This picture was actually taken in North Carolina, at the Outer Banks. I used Photoshop to do a bit of editing and applied Topaz filters to give the image an old-fashioned look. Your task is to use the postcard image as the basis for writing prompt. The scenario starts like this: you check your mailbox and find this postcard among your letters. It’s from a friend or relative that you have not seen in many years. What is the message on the postcard? And how do you reply to it?

It might be interesting to write a short story in the form of letters. This technique has been used in literature and can work quite well, so your first step is to write the postcard’s message. It should be short — probably about 150 words.