Thursday Writing Prompt No. 103

Geologic feature, or sea monster?

Geologic feature, or sea monster?

I just sent off a short story submission so cross your fingers for me. In the manner of all things Internet, I spun off the publisher’s website, following a link to an article about sea monsters on the Smithsonian website entitled “The Enchanting Sea Monsters on Medieval Maps.” I can’t seem to include a link, but the article is pretty interesting and is accompanied by some wonderful illustrations from antique maps.

Just as wonderfully, it gave me the idea for this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. Mariners are prone to telling tales of sea monsters, all kinds of weird and wonderful and grisly beasts that can swallow ships whole or tempt sailors to wreck on dangerous shoals. But what if mermaids and mermen actually existed? What tales would they have to tell about the hideous beasts that lived on land, who might capture the merfolk with nets or spear them with harpoons? What kind of stories would they tell their young?

And that, dear reader, is up to you, because your writing prompt this week is to come up with a land-monster story. Have fun and don’t let science get in the way of having a good time with this idea. It doesn’t have to be realistic because you’re coming up with a legendary monster, not an actual beast.