Thursday Writing Prompt No. 104


Next week I’m going on vacation. I’ll “fill the well,” as Julia Cameron calls it, and probably empty my wallet at the same time. Not that it’s full now. Do you know how much a plastic bag with plastic travel-sized bottles goes for? I do, and that’s why I didn’t buy any of them!

In honor of traveling, this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is about the fine art of waiting. I expect to spend a lot of time sitting at the airport waiting to get on the plane, lots of time sitting on the plane, etc., etc. I normally take road trips, so I’m driving and in full charge of when and where I stop to eat, but driving to London from the United States just was too problematic and so we’re flying.

Waiting has never been my strong point, but I intend to put it to good use by people watching and getting ideas for stories and characters.

For this week’s prompt you’re going to work on describing a location where you’ve had to wait. This could be an airport or bus stop, a doctor’s office, grocery store, or the line for the tickets at the latest blockbuster movie.

Describe the location. Start with how the place looks, but don’t overlook adding sensory detail such as smells or sounds. It’s often the creaking step or smell of popcorn that fix these places in our memories, so writing sensory details should be a part of your writing toolkit. Your descriptive scene should ideally be a paragraph, or about 150 words.