Warped Ideas

An antique Weave-It pin loom weaving kit.

An antique Weave-It pin loom weaving kit.

I got an interesting email the other day — I won a prize! I’d signed up at Margaret Stump’s website, Pin Loom Weaving, a couple of months ago and my name was drawn as a winner for a loom giveaway. How fun! There are actually two pin looms in the kit, one is a 4-inch square and the other is a 2-inch square, so it should be easy to design projects around those sizes. I’m already thinking about the eight-bit computer art that might make a nice geeky scarf or runner for my coffee table. Can’t have enough space aliens in the house!

I also came across the eLoomaNation website, which has some history as well as downloadable PDFs of pattern books that came out during the 1930s for projects using the pin looms. I gotta say, making a sweater from these squares is probably more than I want to get into; I can’t even make clothes from crochet and I’m fluent enough with crochet not to have to read directions every time I pick up a hook. On the other hand, each square is a finished project in itself, so the satisfaction of making something is there. I guess I could collect enough to eventually do a pillow cover, lap rug, or if I’m determined enough — an afghan.

I don’t do a lot of needlework but the past couple of years I’ve been getting back into crochet and doing some beginning weaving projects. My latest “thing” is crochet lace leaves and flowers because I can make a finished flower in an hour or less and feel like I’ve accomplished something for the day. Right now I’m working on several long-term writing projects so I think it makes me feel good to have something done each day, and I find that working on a variety of creative projects tends to be like cross-training for the mind. I’ve made one 2-inch square so far, but the ribbon yarn I experimented with is very loose. I’ll try some regular yarn next.