Thursday Writing Prompt No. 106

London Underground Westminster station.

London Underground Westminster station.

I hope to get back to the London trip journal and get some more photos posted on the blog as well as get the Thursday Writing Prompts back on a regular schedule. Today, since I’m offering my photo from the Westminster Underground station, the writing prompt is going to be about travel.

Imagine that you have gotten on a subway. It could be the London Tube, the Washington Metro, or the Paris Metro or any other public transportation system in the world. In fact, do an Internet search and find one that you are not familiar with, from someplace you’ve never been before. Bring up a map of that city’s transportation system and pick one of the stops. Now imagine that you are on that train and you’ve just gotten off the train and are wandering about the station.

What do you do? Why are you there? Did you go there on purpose or did the train break down and you had to get off at a stop you weren’t familiar with? Now decide what your scenario is and write several paragraphs about the train station, making sure to work in some real-life details. Use your setting as the basis for a short story about travel.