Thursday Writing Prompt No. 109

A rainy evening along Princes Street, Edinburgh.

A rainy evening along Princes Street, Edinburgh.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is going to bring out the poet in you. The topic will be a rainy urban setting, so use my photograph of Edinburgh as inspiration or take your cues from one of your own photos or artwork.

I’ve already posted a couple of posts about writing haiku (Tech Haiku #1, Tech Haiku #2) and one short haiku poem of mine called Winter. I want to try something different for this post, so I searched for different types of poems and found a short poetic form called the Triolet. This deceptively simple form consists of eight lines, with a rhyme scheme of ABaAabAB. Lines one, four, and seven are the same; lines two and eight are the same. You may want to look for some examples before tackling this poem.

This will give you enough work for this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. You won’t have to write very many words, but coming up with a nice poem that fits the triolet’s form and conveys a sense of atmosphere will take some thought. Good luck, and happy writing!