Thursday Writing Prompt No. 110

An evening walk in Regent Street, Great Yarmouth, England.

An evening walk in Regent Street, Great Yarmouth, England.

I’ve been lax about writing about my London vacation, so instead I’m going to use this photo of Regent Street in Great Yarmouth as the setting for this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. On our trip last August we visited London, Edinburgh, Great Yarmouth, and took a day trip to Paris.

My mother, Betty Staff, was from Great Yarmouth. Her parents were Arthur Staff and Lydia Iris Staff (nee Palmer), and she had a sister Jean and a brother Peter. I lived in England for about three years when I was an infant and one of the few memories I have are of the beach at Great Yarmouth, living in a farmhouse, and riding on trains. I’ve lost touch with my relatives so any plans I had of finding cousins during the trip kind of fell to the wayside and instead we just tried to relax and enjoy the trip. I have since started an account but for a historian I’m pretty lame when it comes to genealogy.

But I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t know every one of their ancestors. So for this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt I want you to pretend that you are researching your own family tree and you find one member who’s a big surprise. Now gather your writing tools and put together a 350-word biography of this pretend ancestor. No fair using real ones — make something up!