A Short Story Story

I just finished writing a short story today and sent it off in response to a call for submissions for an anthology of stories about Professor Moriarty. If it’s accepted I’ll brag about it later, otherwise you may never hear about it again.

No, actually I should take any rejected stories and shop them out to my writer’s group for feedback and then tidy them up and submit them somewhere else. It’s just at this point I really don’t have very much fiction setting around. I have encyclopedia articles in my work queue, I’m ready to start working my master’s thesis into a book, and I’m shopping around for a literary agent for my novel. But short stories are in short supply!

There have been a couple of calls for submission that sounded really fun but I’ve just run out of time to get anything done for them. Well, on to the next writing project. But first — the weekend! I’m going to Katsucon tomorrow, which is the first anime convention I’ve been to. I hope to get lots of inspiration for stories and just have fun. But most of all I hope my wallet doesn’t melt.