Thursday Writing Prompt No. 112

My new old globe appears to be from 1937.

My new old globe appears to be from 1937. See the Irish Free State?
And the globe is not really pink; I just decided to have fun playing with the image in Photoshop.

Many years ago I bought a globe for my office, but then it got destroyed when my house caught on fire. You’d think if the planet was 70 percent water it wouldn’t have gotten damaged … Well, that was 1992 and I’ve been thinking about replacing the globe. It’s not like I need one, I just like globes. Before I could trawl the Internet and buy a new one, I happened to visit a store in my area called Peg Leg Vintage.

Now there were a lot of interesting things in the store, but there were several globes in the window and one caught my eye. I ended up buying it and then the fun began when I tried to figure out how old the globe was. I was finally able to date it to 1937. The Irish Free State was established in 1922 and only lasted until 1937. Also, you can see how Germany sandwiches Poland on the globe; what is now Kaliningrad, Russia, was still Konigsberg and a part of Germany. There are plenty of other differences between the political divisions on this globe and today’s maps and that’s part of the fun of owning it.

So, this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt will feature a globe. Your task is to look at a globe (or virtual globe if you don’t have a real one handy) and find a country you know very little about. Now do a bit of research and write a short introductory paragraph for a story or novel that is set in that country. Don’t forget to use sensory impressions to add some realism to your writing (sounds, smells, etc.). Enjoy!