Targeted Advertising Sucks

It does. Oh, it’s all right when you get emails about things you really are interested in. For instance, if I consistently buy books on crochet projects then I might be interested in new project books that come out (but not always!). But the problem is that if I happen to look once at something then I need to spend the rest of eternity getting targeted ads about things I really don’t want or need.

It’s much like stepping in a turd and being unable to clean off your shoe.

Worse, it’s stereotyping. Recently I wrote a book review for a friend on his book about elementary school education. Now Amazon won’t stop trying to sell me diapers. I really don’t need those things but I can’t get rid of the targeted ads. Please, just make them go away!

You’d think that marketing folks could come up with some kind of mathematical formula, so if I happen to look at something once then I won’t automatically get targeted ads on that item. Maybe three times would trigger suggestions. Or ten times. Frankly, I wish marketing folks would stop trying to shove me in a box, because what happens over time is that my tastes and interests change. But if all I get are very specific ads then I’ll never find out about new things that I might actually like.