Thursday Writing Prompt No. 114

Tools of industry.

Tools of industry.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is about industry. Industry can be a lot of things, from mining and farming to the manufacture of car parts to sales and research. It doesn’t have to be about making a tangible good, because industry can also mean the services sector of the economy, which includes things like Internet service providers and other things that you can’t eat, see, taste, smell, or wear.

But of course, for many people the word “industry” conjures up the Industrial Revolution and images of gigantic factories belching smoke and ash into the air from towering chimneys. Steam locomotives, fueled by coal, haul the factory goods to market where they are whisked away into stores for consumers to buy.

You might also think of long rows of conveyor belts moving hundreds of widgets along as the product is created from start to finish and packaged in shiny wrappers and boxed for delivery.

Your Thursday Writing Prompt this week is this: using the three images that I’ve provided here, think about what these instruments might be connected to and how they are used in the manufacture of some product. The third photo is a wheel on a wooden pallet that was used to move raw materials and finished products around the factory floor. (But it could also have been used by employees for racing! Maybe when the boss was out?)

Write a short description of the product that is made by this machinery, and if you really want to get creative, explain how the equipment is used to manufacture the product. It doesn’t have to be realistic, and the more you turn this into a Rube Goldberg device, the more fun you’ll have with this week’s prompt.