Thursday Writing Prompt No. 118


Welcome to this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. Since it’s the Fourth of July weekend coming up I posted a photo of fireworks for your inspirational prompt.

Ever notice how fireworks can resemble things, sort of like the way clouds sometimes resemble things? The strangest cloud I ever saw looked like a Thanksgiving turkey on a platter — and it even had a drumstick! My husband saw it, too, and thought the very same thing, so I know it looked like a turkey.

Your prompt this week is to find a picture of fireworks that makes you think of an insect or some other creature. Your task is to write a brief description of that creature. Since this is likely to result in some science fiction on your part, take your time and play with the idea and develop a bit of back story. What is the creature, and where does it live? What does it eat?

I’ve been away from Focal Plane for a few weeks because I’ve been caught up in working on several large projects and I’ve been overwhelmed. One idea I’m working on is a combination writing prompt book/writer’s journal. If you follow the Thursday Writing Prompts, the book’s prompts will be along the same lines, although probably fleshed out more. I’m not going to cheat and just pull stuff off the blog, though, unless I also expand on it. I’ll make sure you get your money’s worth.

I’m also pleased to announce that I’m in discussion with other writers about the possibility of forming our own publishing company. Stay tuned for more information, and happy writing! May the Fourth be with you!