Thursday Writing Prompt No. 119

These gauges looked far too much like a skull for my taste!

These gauges looked far too much like a skull for my taste!

Horrible prose. We all know it when we read it, but I bet if you try to write bad prose you’ll end up with something that isn’t too bad. So that’s this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt: create something so bad that you don’t want to put your name on it. The point of this exercise is to still the inner editor and let you just create without worrying about quality. Go for quantity, but set your own goal. This isn’t a NaNo marathon but simply a limbering-up exercise, like jumping jacks before a 5K run.

If you write prose, consider writing a silly poem and seeing just how egregious a rhyme you can make. If you want to write poetry, make yourself write prose that is bland.

How it smells,
my horrible prose!
It’s kind of putrid–
not like a rose.

The word count is up to you, but unless you’re writing a rhyme I’d recommend at least 150 words to get your (non)creative juices flowing. When you’re done, put this away so you can pull it out later and feel proud that what you’re writing is much, much better than this drivel, or burn it and let the magic smoke take bad writing away with it on the wind.