Thursday Writing Prompt No. 120


This is your stop. No matter what you are working on creatively, stop working on it right now and force yourself to do something else. Make some coffee, sweep the garage, or write some bills. You won’t believe how eager you’ll become to get back to working on what you want to work on.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is about finding the drive to finish a project. I seem to have lost mine (momentarily, I hope) because I got derailed onto things I had to do for work and for the house. When I finally had some down time last night I couldn’t bring myself to look at my project. So what gives? If I want to work on it, why is there that block preventing me from doing so?

It’s because I’m angry. Work is incredibly frustrating right now and I’m letting it drag me down. I can’t. I shouldn’t. But there: I rebel against should. I don’t like being told what to do, even by myself.

When I’m so angry I turn back to Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way for inspiration. I can’t say I’m incredibly spiritual, but there’s something about what she writes about and the way she says it that resonates with me. It’s also the one writing book that I pick up again and again and again.

So, to get my own lazy behind back on track with my projects, and as a nod to chapter three in Julia Cameron’s book, “Recovering a Sense of Power,” this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt will address how to deal with anger and writer’s block. Cameron writes that answered prayers are scary because they imply that you have power and responsibility for what you ask for. Let’s put that to work, shall we?

Your task this week (and mine) is to write a prayer in which you ask for what you want. This is much harder than it seems, believe me. Put in as much work as it takes to get this sorted out in your mind. Then, write it up, turn it into art, and put it somewhere that you can see it every time you write and every time you feel that you’ve lost your way. We all need a road map from time to time.