Thursday Writing Prompt No. 121

Dead frog, layin' on the road, layin' on the highway.

Dead frog, layin’ on the road, layin’ on the highway.

I went for a walk at lunchtime today to make myself get out of the house. These days the siren song of my keyboard is far too enticing, but it really does my creativity good to get away from the writing and editing for a few minutes. And it does my body good to soak up some of that sunshine and relax my eyes.

I came across some lovely red flowers on my walk, but my photos didn’t turn out so well. The photo of the frog was one of those oddball things you come across; if I hadn’t photographed it I would have regretted it later. Well, here it is: dessicated and well past it’s best-by date. A frog mummy without the wraps.

This isn’t the first time ex-frogs have graced my life. I owned a Subaru many years ago and my husband installed a new radio and amplifier for me. When he removed the carpet under the passenger seat he found an intact frog skeleton. Yep, I’d been driving around for years with a skeleton in my car and never knew it!

So today’s Thursday Writing Prompt is about skeletons. Write about a skeleton. It doesn’t have to be horror, and in fact it may be more useful to your writing skills to write about the subject in a way that’s totally unexpected. Have fun!