Thursday Writing Prompt No. 125

A rocking bird at a local playground.

A rocking bird at a local playground.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is a bit late, but I’ve been wrapped up in trying to get a round of edits done on my novel. There are some tangled plot lines that I need to work on sorting out but I think it’s all starting to come together. I’ve given myself to the end of the month to get these edits done and I have about another seven chapters to finish, so it’s looking good for me to meet the deadline.

Today’s prompt is about playgrounds. I went for a short walk at lunch today and snapped this photo of a rocking bird in the park. The park was empty and I took the opportunity to do a bit of photography. Your task this week is to write a journal entry from the point of view of a park ride or piece of equipment. What would this rocking bird write in his journal if he could? Did a little kid play so hard the bird’s beak hit the ground? Was the bird privy to some mumbled secrets of a pair of teenagers?

This prompt should give you an interesting point of view for some dialogue, if you’re up to that. But remember it’s a journal entry, so the narrator has to show in some way. Be creative, have fun, and get out and enjoy the weather. Maybe even go to a park for some inspiration.