Thursday Writing Prompt No. 127

This one one of my "shoot through the windshield" photos of our trip through Colorado. I've added some atmosphere.

This one one of my “shoot through the windshield” photos of our trip through Colorado. I’ve added some atmosphere.

Happy Thursday! This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt combines memoir and historical writing. I’m taking an online class through Coursera on historical writing so I thought it would make an interesting exercise.

Your task this week is to write a journal entry that’s set in your own past, but the twist is that is has to be one of those “roads not taken.” Remember that time you decided what to study or what job to take or what apartment to move into? What if you’d taken a different option? Mentally go back in time and find a decision point, then write your journal entry describing a day in that alternate personal history.

The journal entry doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to tell a complete story. Focus on thoughts, emotions, and describing a fictional event that happened in your alternate past. Write as much as you want, but I think 350 words is probably a good length to aim for.