Thursday Writing Prompt No. 128

So, the noun says to the verb … wait. I mean, so the verb says to the noun, “Hey, ever think of writing a story based on just two words?”

For this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt, pick one noun and one verb. You can use a dictionary and just take the first words you see on page 68, for example, or pick the first noun and verb that come into your mind. Do not get hung up on this step!

Next, make a short title using the two words. Think about the meaning behind that short phrase, then write a paragraph or a poem about the title. I wrote a blank-verse poem a few years ago called “Fireflies Inhaling.”

If you are stuck on the word choice, try some of these nouns as starting points (Halloween is coming up): spider, house, moon, bat, scorpion. And for verbs, let’s make it intense: stab, shriek, pierce, moan, growl, rake. An online thesaurus would be a great help and lots of fun for this exercise.