Thursday Writing Prompt No. 130

This morning I found myself wrapped up in reading old diary entries. Now my childhood wasn’t very exciting, unless you count watching drug raids on the apartments across the street or running home from school to avoid riots. I did not grow up in Yuppieville, but we managed. Anyway, in reading through I found this entry:

July 25, 1969: I really don't know what to do.

Unfortunately I seem to be reliving that day today. I have plenty of writing projects on my desk, as well as some craft projects to finish for gifts, yet I sit here trying to decide what to do. I think that’s the real problem: there is too much to do and I’m having problems prioritizing.

So, how can I turn that into a writer’s prompt? Simple: the task this week is to take a sheet of paper or index card and write down all your current works in progress. It’s okay if you only have one thing on that list.

The first step is to number them in order of priority, whether it’s a deadline-driven thing or not. If you don’t have deadlines for projects then you need to make some.

Second, take another sheet of paper or card and write the name of your priority project on it. Then list the first three things that you need to do with that project. It’s best if these are clear-cut goals, such as “figure out a name for the main character’s pet canary,” rather than “decide protagonist’s backstory.”

And step three — you got it — get to work on the first item on that list. If it doesn’t take long you can work on the other two, but make it a goal to finish at least one item.