Thursday Writing Prompt No. 135

Adironadack chair

I’m in the second week back to work after a week’s vacation. Can I have another vacation? Seriously, I want to do more photography! All right, folks, it’s time for this week’s writing prompt. Let’s take camp as an inspiration.

One night we were out observing the stars and something started screaming off in the woods. Someone said it was a coyote, but since we never actually saw the beast it could have been anything at all. Anything.

So here’s the scenario: you’re at camp for a relaxing week of sun, fun, and mosquito bites. You spend an evening outside listening to crickets and looking up at the stars when you hear it scream. At first you just brush it off as an animal, but soon you start to hear the sound of twigs snapping in the woods. And then you hear something growling.

That’s your cue for this week’s prompt. What is it? What happens next? Take a stab at writing some horror fiction. Oh, and lock the cabin door while you’re at it.