Tales of the Black Dog


Tonight, a new anthology called Tales of the Black Dog went live on Amazon. It includes four short stories, including one by yours truly, based on the legend of the black dog, a spectral hound whose appearance foretold death, or, in some instances, who played the role of a protector spirit.

My short story is “Inn of the Black Dog,” which features a young married couple who encounter strange happenings in a small village. The other three stories are by my coauthors and business partners: “Luison,” by Cathryn Leigh, “Carolina,” by JC Rock, and “Black Dog Asylum,” by Michelle Schad.

The anthology marks the debut for our company, Corrugated Sky Publishing, LLC. For the last year we’ve been working behind the scenes to get our stories written, edited, and formatted. The beginning of this October we began the paperwork to set up our business and get all that official stuff taken care of.  And voila!

The Kindle version of the book is already available for sale, and a paperback version should be ready in the next few days. I’ll post another announcement for that. I can’t provide links for you here because Focal Plane isn’t a commercial site, but you’ll have no trouble finding the book on Amazon by typing in its title.