After the Draft is Written…

I’m almost three weeks into my 2016 NaNo novel and let me tell you, it’s just not happening. Oh, yes, I have words on the page. I have dialogue, some description, and pretty spiffy punctuation. I even started this year’s project with a brief outline so I wasn’t pantsing the whole thing. And nothing is coming together. It’s supposed to be a noir murder mystery — and, well, it’s a mystery, all right.

Now, I know that writing a novel in a month is more like training for a marathon than actually running the marathon. You have to practice. You have to write things that you will later cut (many, many things). But you have to keep going. I get that. I’ve never had problems making the word count, but sorting out a complicated plot beforehand would have been more useful than a one-page outline. I just didn’t spend the time doing it because I was involved in getting an anthology off to print (Tales of the Black Dog — buy it!).

So that got me to thinking about what people do with their drafts once November is over. Will you put it aside or keep pressing ahead with the project? Or will you throw it away and be glad not to see the beast again? I’ve got a short poll here that you can take. It’s all in fun, and I’ve left an “Other” box that you can fill in with your own answer. Please, keep your answer PG rated!


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