The Final Week

With Thanksgiving just gone it’s only five days remaining for this year’s NaNoWriMo. I’ve just passed the 40,000-word mark and it’s been a battle to keep up with the writing. I didn’t do any writing on Black Friday, and it wasn’t because I went out shopping. I sat and watched TV most of the day and ignored my computer until 4 o’clock in the morning, when I woke up and realized I wasn’t going to fall back asleep any time soon.

I could work on my novel but instead I’ve been redecorating the blog with some holiday-themed background paper and sorting through some art supplies. I’m pretty much doing whatever I can besides working on the novel. I have 10,000 words to go and five days, so that’s not too bad. I just don’t know if my story will be resolved in anther ten thousand words, but all I can do is try. That’s what NaNoWriMo is for, right?