Thursday Writing Prompt No. 136

This year I'm celebrating Advent in a very adult fashion.

This year I’m celebrating Advent in a very adult fashion.

December. The last month of the year. I can’t exactly say I’m reeling from NaNoWriMo; no, it’s more like “Yay, I don’t have to work on this crud anymore.” Because my draft is not pleasing me at all. It’s going into the bitlocker, where the characters may or may not resurface at some point in a novel that actually has a plot.

But I did win. I went the distance, and I wrote the 50,000 words. I think if any writer comes out at the end of December with a winner’s certificate they at least will have learned the value of perseverance. No one is promising that first drafts are reader-worthy.

To celebrate the end of NaNoWriMo and to usher in the holidays, this year I’m celebrating Advent with a gin Advent calendar. I only first tried gin and tonic last year, and I drank maybe four of them all last year, but somehow this year the flavors just kicked in for me and I’m really getting into the craft gins and tastings. My NaNoWriMo novel was supposed to have been noir, so I’m thinking we can combine gin and noir for a Thursday Writing Prompt. Well, I’m certainly going to try it. Want to join me?

Anyway, a lot of the old noir movies involved a lot of smoking and drinking. Cocktail dresses and high heels and fedoras are optional, but if dressing up makes your writing seem more real, go for it. Your Thursday Writing Prompt is to find poster art for one or two classic noir movies and use that for inspiration. Your task is to write a short scene that takes place in a bar, cocktail lounge, or restaurant that includes a mixed drink as part of the story.