Missing: One Muse


It’s been like pulling teeth to get any writing done lately. It’s not because I don’t have time, I’m just not doing it. I’ve gone into this dark place where I fear I will die of boredom real soon now. Everything bores me and I’m frustrated 120 percent of the time. Yes, I know. I can’t be bored 120 percent of the time, but it sure seems like that much!

I’m plodding along on several projects, including writing and a few craft projects, but I just can’t get really excited about working on them. Maybe I just need to finish a few things. Too many half-baked ideas languishing for want of attention and a pile of art supplies collecting dust do not an artist make. And I’m falling behind on my writing goals already and it’s only mid-February. On the flip side I have been getting in more steps as I try to get some exercise into my schedule.

Maybe at this point I just have to go through the motions and work projects toward completion. Perhaps my muse will show back up when it’s time to edit my stories and articles. As for the zero draft of my latest story, well, it’s words on a page, but I need a lot more. Actually, just more exciting words. The short story is threatening to turn into a novella, so I’m already aware that the pacing is off, but at this point I need to get stuff down before I can revise it. My deadline is next Friday, so I have a week to get this sorted out.