Trapped in the Traffic-o-sphere

I got up early this morning — a lot earlier than I normally get up on a Saturday, in fact. I had breakfasted and washed my hair and was out the door before 8 o’clock this morning, equipped with my DSLR and enough money to do some serious shopping at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

But I never got there.

From where I live it took maybe half an hour to reach the intersection of Routes 70 and 32, which are just north of the road that runs past the fairgrounds where the festival is held. It’s a huge event, and I think I’ve gone to the last three or so. But as I sat through the light six times to get off the I-70 exit ramp and onto Route 32 south, I got stuck in more traffic. It took half an hour to creep another quarter of a mile to get through the next traffic signal. And then nothing moved. Not. At. All.

I had a quarter mile to go for the intersection with the fairground road, and then maybe another mile to the grounds. I couldn’t bear the thought of sitting in the car for another hour — or more — to get that far, so I swung into the left lane and came home, where I am now parked in front of my keyboard, which is apparently where I spend my life. Unfortunately, jettisoning the opportunity to have a day outside has made me very angry and frustrated — and the feelings of being trapped are running high. That is my number one angst: being trapped. I’ve had some very bad times in my life and this latest frustration isn’t helping me. It’s like no matter what I do I get knocked down.

Well, I’m sitting here, at the keyboard, and at least I’m writing. I wish it was something fantastic I had to tell you — another great story, a second or third novel — but it’s just a blog post about life’s annoying issues. A few hours of slaying virtual monsters in Guild Wars 2, a glass of wine and a spaghetti dinner will likely set me straight, at least for another day or two. But that’s sometimes all we can do: get through the day and hope tomorrow isn’t as annoying.