You Mean I’m Not Rich?

This morning I was checking the spam folders on my email accounts and discovered that the White House Chief of Staff had sent me an email to let me know that I won a whole lot of money. Woot!

And it must be real! I mean, if the email were from a Nigerian prince I wouldn’t fall for it, but if the White House says it’s true, I guess I should be watching my mailbox for that check to arrive. And here I thought Monday was going to be filled with work and no play!

In other news, I’ve put in an application for Corrugated Sky to do a day table at the Baltimore Book Festival in September. The show is juried, which means that just because I sent in an application doesn’t mean that I’m automatically getting a spot under the big tent — and there may be a waiting list, too. I’ll post more about the festival when I get more information.