Thursday Writing Prompt No. 152

Writer’s Catalyst Halloween contains some silly, spooky writing prompts.

Ugh, this year has been one long ghastly experience. But to take your mind off of the real-life horror show, why not engage in some fun writing for Halloween?

I’ve just released Writer’s Catalyst: Halloween, which is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The book series contains two dozen writing prompts and is formatted as a journal with lined pages for you to use for your own writing. I’ll be releasing new themed volumes on an occasional basis, maybe two or three a year (at least, that’s what I’m planning for now).

For today’s Thursday Writing Prompt, here’s an original Halloween theme: Shelly “Skulls” Skeleton has challenged Mumsford “Mummy” Morrison to scare the wits out of a group of college kids. Neither Shelly nor Mumsford are allowed to use human technology, whether it’s flashlights or the internet or cellphones. Instead, they must rely on traditional Halloween magic. Your task is to pick either Shelly or Mumsford as your protagonist and write up their frightfest plan.

To make the task a bit more daunting, you must have a committee of impartial judges to decide the winner of the contenst. Think about how the committee comes to its conclusion — is it a point scoring system? And just how “scared” is “scared”? Does making a group of kids scream count for very much? Or must Shelly and Mumsford resort to more diabolical schemes that produce more than just a fright? Make the contest as fun or as devious as you want, but be sure to have fun with the plotting!