Christmas 2020

Scrooge is not happy with this year. Who can blame him?

I occasionally delve into crafts such as crochet and knitting, and I’ve been considering embroidery even though I get tangled up and stab myself repeatedly with the needle. I spotted some wonderful felt patterns on Etsy and bought the Mr. Scrooge ornament pattern from the mmmcrafts shop. Which of course led to more shopping, since the felt I already had on hand wasn’t in the colors I wanted (even though I didn’t know what I wanted), and I needed chenille stems and embroidery floss, etc.

Sigh. Crafting and arts are like that. You know they say there are never enough art supplies, right? Yeah, you should see how many gel pens I have. I used to have a Sharpie collection, but I’m moving toward Copic markers and brush pens with ink that doesn’t bleed through my Rhodia journal.

A bout of crafting this fall has given me a scarf, a neck warmer, a pair of fingerless mitts, and now Mr. Scrooge. I’ve been involved in some difficult and long editing projects this year, so I’m ready for a holiday break. Here’s wishing you a healthy holiday season.