Running the Year

This year a friend invited me to the Run the Edge 2021 mile challenge. We set up a team of four people and I initially set a goal of 1,000 miles for myself. I’m not getting out much (who is?) but I do have a treadmill and a shiny new Peloton bike that arrived just before Christmas. Yes, now I’m one of those people. 😉 Don’t look for me to be on a TV commercial any time soon, though.

My step-count goal is 7,000, but it takes me to about 7300 steps to reach 3 miles a day, which would have given me the 1,000 miles for the year. Then I decided to start including my bike miles, since it is all cardio and that’s what I’m really tracking with the step count. The 2021 miles is an average of 5.54 miles a day so I was doing little over half of that with just the walking.

Today I earned my 300 mile bib and I’m on track for the Hollywood Streaker challenge, too, so I can open my medal at the end of the month. Run on, writers! Just don’t use those run-on sentences.