Thursday Writing Prompt #153

I’m long overdue to add another writing prompt to the blog, so here’s one for the wintry days. You go for a walk in a city that’s decorated for the holidays. It’s after hours and the streets aren’t very busy, and the sidewalks are mostly empty because of the cold weather. As you walk along, you find things on the pavement.

The first thing is a wallet. You pick it up, but there’s nothing inside except a small slip of paper. It turns out to be a fortune from a fortune cookie. “Today is your lucky day.” You smirk and toss the wallet in the next trash bin, but you stick the fortune in your pocket.

The second thing you find is a quarter. The third thing you find is a small key that looks like it would fit into a locker. The fourth item is a matchbook with the name of a restaurant printed on the cover. And the fifth thing is an envelope.

What’s in the envelope? And are the other objects related? Write a short scene in which you use all five items as important clues to a mystery.