The Never-ending Story, Software Style

The last half year or so has just been so busy for me that I haven’t had time to do any writing. Work seems to ramp up exponentially, but it’s not the amount of work that is wearing me down, it’s the constant notifications and feeds and whatnot that just won’t give me quiet time so I can get anything done.

I keep eyeing that blue Ethernet cord, but I know the computer would just switch over to WiFi and keep on running …. albeit more slowly.

Teams wants to ping me all day, even letting me know that I just made a post. Why, thanks, Microsoft, I forgot that I did that a whole three seconds ago. I guess I forgot. Let me go back and look at it again. Then Microsoft insists on sending me updates to let me know that I have 95% of my available work time for focus. Really? Because it seems like I spend 80% of my workday re-reading Teams posts (half of which are my own).

Today I updated two laptops and cleared some junk off my desktop computer. I’ve spent half of that time just turning off bloatware from Microsoft.

You know the kind — the news feed that they insist on jamming down your throat when the last thing you want to do on planet Earth is read news. But wait! It’s not just the news on the system tray! No, the search box also has started feeding me items du jour that it thinks I should be interested in. So, I had to spend time figuring out how to disable that annoyance, too.

Sigh. Software should not be such a pain in the neck.