Thursday Writing Prompt No. 155

It’s time for another Thursday Writing Prompt. For this prompt, you will visit a public arboretum that specializes in desert plants. The arboretum covers almost 100 acres and has walkways surrounding the perimeter of the garden. Benches line the walkway, tucked into recesses and shaded with pergolas to keep visitors comfortable.

You and a friend decided to walk the entire perimeter. You head out with bottles of water and plenty of time, not worrying about how fast you go or what time it is. The arboretum is mostly deserted, with only a few small groups of visitors spread throughout its acres of plantings.

As you reach the far end of the walk, opposite the arboretum entrance and gift shop, you decide to rest on one of the shaded benches. After sitting for a couple of minutes, you notice a nasty smell and begin looking for its source. And then you spot a pair of shoes. Only they aren’t empty. They’re still on the person who’s wearing them, only the shoe’s owner is quite dead.

And now, it’s your turn. Write the discovery scene and decide what to do next. While the obvious solution would be a quick run to the office to report the discovery to the police, maybe you decide to play detective. So, what do you do?