Thursday Writing Prompt #156


Part of my art supply haul.


Today’s Thursday Writing Prompt is “never enough art supplies.” I recently went to a rubber stamp show and sale, where I stocked up on art supplies went on a spending spree. Is there any other kind?

This time I was smart about it: I took a list of the spray paints, stamp pads, and other things I already own so that I wouldn’t buy the same colors over and over. Actually, that’s not too bad of a thing to happen with consumables, because as long as I use them they won’t go to waste, but I have purchased the same rubber stamp at least once and that’s kind of sad.

In honor of art (and writing is an art), this week’s writing prompt gives you five virtual art tools to play with. Use these to create an imaginary collage, and then describe that image in a short paragraph of maybe two or three sentences. Then, use that description to write an atmospheric scene for a possible setting for a short story.

If you have a stash of real art supplies on hand (or if you desire a shopping spree of your own), create a quick image or collage using at least four types of art tools, plus your paper or canvas. These can be very simple, such as pencil, pen, marker, and ruler, or you can go full-blast and use stencils, paints, spray paints, die cut shapes, stickers, and more. Think of the art part as cross training for your writer’s brain. Don’t try to come up with a masterpiece because this is more about the process than the end result. It will be interesting to see if your art experiment gives you ideas for settings or themes. Have fun!

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