This is a list of my published and forthcoming work, including anthologies and encyclopedia articles.

Tales of the Black Dog
“Inn of the Black Dog”

Trapped Tales
“The Virtual Instamatic”

The British Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia
Robert Clive
Charles George Gordon
Enfield Rifle
Rudyard Kipling
Voyage of the Beagle
Scott’s Antarctic Expedition
Winston Churchill
Print Media

Technical Innovation in American History
AC Generator and Transformer
AC Induction Motor
Circuit Breaker
Coil Magnet
Electric Doorbell
Electricity, War of the Currents
Ferris Wheel
Fire Alarm Box
Lee De Forest
Linotype Machine
Radio, FM
Rolled Film
Triode Tube
World’s Fairs
Yerkes Observatory

Critical Insights
Ray Bradbury

Critical Survey of American Literature
Carl Sagan

Encyclopedia of American Imperialism and Expansionism
Alice C. Fletcher
Andrew Jackson
William Henry Ashley
Battle of Shimonoseki Straits
California Gold Rush
Cherokee Outlet
Chouteau Family
Colorado Gold Rush
Crazy Horse
Credit Mobilier
Factory System
Great American Desert
Great Peace of 1840
Indian Territory
James Kirker
Jedidiah Morse
Mountain Men
Mining Camps
National Road
Red Cloud
Santa Fe Trail
Jedidiah Strong Smith
Stokes Commission
Texas Rangers
Treaty of Tianjin
U.S. Geological Survey
Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo
Western Artists
West Indies Squadron
William Gilpin
William Sherman

Women in American History: A Social, Political, and Cultural Encyclopedia
Avenger Field
Elizabeth Drinker
Billie Holliday
Helen Parkhurst
Marine Corps, Women’s Reserves
Office of Strategic Services
Port Royal Experiment
Women’s Land Army of America

Encyclopedia of American Myth, Legend, and Folklore
Casey Jones
Goat Man
Haunted Houses
Microwaved Pet
Whaley House
White Buffalo Woman

The Sea in World History: Exploration, Travel, and Trade
British Ships since 1945
Clipper Ship
Flying Dutchman
Great Pacific Garbage Patch
James Clark Ross
The Arctic and Antarctic

Conflict in the Early Americas: An Encyclopedia of the Spanish Empire’s Aztec, Incan, and Mayan Conquests
Philip II of Spain
Hernandez Pizarro

Great Lives from History: Jewish Americans
Victor Borge
Kirk Douglas
Milton Glaser
Herbert Hauptman
Edwin H. Land
Alfred Stieglitz

Great Lives from History: Latinos
Sidney McNeill Gutíerrez
Joseph Marion Hernández

Great Lives from History: Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
King Kamehameha I
George Takei
Yip Vern

The Twenties in America
Natural Disasters
Route 66

The Thirties in America
Home Refrigerators
Television Technology

Guide to Industries and Careers
Printing Industry


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