Traveler Art

One of my attempts at collage, this piece includes preprinted elements, brads, and wings made with a stencil and stucco acrylic medium.

I’ve been in the mood to do some artwork recently. I signed up for a Craftsy class on working with colored pencils and so now — you guessed it — I have even more art supplies on my desk than I did before I started watching the course. But honestly, is there such a thing as too many pens or pencils? I’ll only consider it to be a waste of money if I put the pencils away without using them.

And I haven’t used them much so far, but I am pulling out papers and other art supplies and creating something. I’ve done a few minor sketches with the pencils but nothing that I want to share. This small piece was done on a 4- by 6-inch card. I sprayed the card with Ranger’s Distressed stain in Tumbled Glass but it beaded up on the surface, so I blotted it with a paper towel. That left behind the impression of the paper towel, so I rubbed at the card until that design was gone and ended up with a nice mottled background. For the edges of the card I just dabbed at the paper with an ink pad.

The wings were done with a stencil and Liquitex ceramic stucco acrylic gel, which I later drew on with a pencil to give them a bit more definition. The color of the stucco blended in too much with the background and I thought it needed a bit more of a distressed look to carry through with the rest of the design.

I’m continuing to work on writing projects but I think there’s a fair amount of burn-out going on. I’m hoping the art projects will help keep me moving forward with a little bit of creative cross-training.


My Paper Valentine

My crocheted heart on burlap and paper. Copyright 2017 Karen Garvin.

My crocheted heart on burlap and paper. Copyright 2017 Karen Garvin.

Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s a typical Tuesday for me, my coworkers in a dither over deadlines and a pile of non-work-related writing piled on my desk that make me wonder how I manage to get involved in so many projects at a time.

I made this little crocheted heart some time ago, and paired it with burlap and washi tape to create a Valentine design for the blog. The heart isn’t glued down because I plan to use the background with another crocheted piece that I made, which is a little brown seahorse made from crochet thread.

The photo is a bit on the brown side, but the actual heart is pale pink. These small art pieces are fun to make and give me something to do that I can finish and feel like I’ve accomplished something. The actual piece is about four inches square.

Enjoy the day, and don’t overindulge on those chocolates! I’m planning to make a special gin and tonic or strawberry martini tonight.

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 122

I used a stamp pad, metallic gel pens, and markers to create this flower.

I used a stamp pad, metallic gel pens, and markers to create this flower.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt will have you make art in an attempt to do some creativity cross-training. I’ve come to a bit of a sticking point with my novel in that I had to go back and weave in some back story to make it work throughout the book. And then I still have to figure out exactly how some of the back story is going to come through.

I’ve taken a few days away from editing mostly because I’ve been swamped at work and I just need time away from the keyboard. But I’ve also been getting into art lately. I bought Art Journal Courage by Dina Wakley and read it through. Now I’m going back and trying some of the techniques. And guess what? Just as with National Novel Writing Month, the first thing you do with art is to shut that inner editor (painter? sculptor?) up and make a mess.

Only I’m finding that the art isn’t quite the mess I expect it to be. It’s helping me loosen up a bit, but I admit it’s not doing wonders for my wallet because, let’s face it, once you buy a stamp pad or two you simply must have all the colors!

So, back to the Thursday Writing Prompt. Find a piece of paper and pencil or pen. Doodle. Yep, that’s it. Draw some scribbly mess. When you’re done, look at it and try to imagine an image in the scribbles, much like you see shapes in clouds. Once you identify the shape, write a paragraph or two describing it. And if you can’t see a shape, then write about creating the scribble and what was going through your mind while you drew. Most of all, enjoy the process!