Thursday Writing Prompt No. 145

We’ve had some record rainfalls in the Maryland area and some nasty flooding. While there have been jokes about building an arc or buying a boat, the floods have had devastating effects on some areas, such as Ellicott City, Maryland.

I don’t want to make light of a serious situation, but the constant rain and overcast skies are taking their toll in more ways than one. And so for today’s Thursday Writing Prompt your topic will be rain. (Surprise!) And to mix things up even more, I’m asking you to write a short poem about rain. Even if you never write poetry, do the exercise and see what you come up with. It doesn’t have to be an award-winning verse, just write whatever comes into your head.

One way to approach poetry is to pick up a pen and paper rather than use a computer or tablet or phone. I find that doing things old-school tends to slow me down, but for writing poetry that’s just the mindset you want to cultivate. Typing fast is great when I’m on a roll with a story or novel, but sometimes it’s just better to take the extra time for musing.


Thursday Writing Prompt No. 109

A rainy evening along Princes Street, Edinburgh.

A rainy evening along Princes Street, Edinburgh.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is going to bring out the poet in you. The topic will be a rainy urban setting, so use my photograph of Edinburgh as inspiration or take your cues from one of your own photos or artwork.

I’ve already posted a couple of posts about writing haiku (Tech Haiku #1, Tech Haiku #2) and one short haiku poem of mine called Winter. I want to try something different for this post, so I searched for different types of poems and found a short poetic form called the Triolet. This deceptively simple form consists of eight lines, with a rhyme scheme of ABaAabAB. Lines one, four, and seven are the same; lines two and eight are the same. You may want to look for some examples before tackling this poem.

This will give you enough work for this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. You won’t have to write very many words, but coming up with a nice poem that fits the triolet’s form and conveys a sense of atmosphere will take some thought. Good luck, and happy writing!

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 77

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!

In honor of Pi Day, this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt celebrates by getting poetic.

Search out a recipe for a pie of your choice, whether it’s apple or cherry or pumpkin and write down the list of ingredients used in making the pie. It doesn’t matter what the measurements are for the ingredients unless you want to get specific. Apple, flour, water — those words will suffice for your vocabulary list.

Now, compose a rhymed poem to take the place of the recipe instructions on how to make the pie. For inspiration, get yourself a helping of pie to munch on while you create!

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 74

These ivy leaves in my yard were frosted with ice and looked like little hearts.

These ivy leaves in my yard were rimmed with ice crystals
and looked like little hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s unusual for one of the Thursday Writing Prompts to fall on a holiday (other than Thanksgiving) so I found what I thought was the perfect image for today’s holiday.These ivy leaves are shaped just like Valentine’s hearts and the ice even looks a little bit like frosting.

Last Sunday my husband was successful in getting me up early so we could go out and go grocery shopping. Lured out of bed by the promise of a hot breakfast that I didn’t have to cook, I spotted these ivy leaves next to the driveway and decided to take a picture of them.

But when my phone’s camera didn’t produce the results I wanted, I ran back inside for my trusty Nikon Coolpix. The SLR would have been better because I could have changed the aperture to adjust the depth of field, but the batteries needed to be charged. Anyway, I managed to get a few nice photos from the Coolpix without spending too much time on the unplanned photography excursion.

ivy leaves

I cut the smaller leaf out of the larger photo and used a Bokeh filter in Photoshop to blur the surrounding vegetation.

I spent some time manipulating the image with plug-in filters in Photoshop. The larger photo at top is just cropped from the original image. For the smaller image at right, I cropped the image even more so the smaller leaf would be at the center of the image. Since it was originally at the bottom of the photo this didn’t give me the option of making the photo much larger than this.

Next, I used one of the Topaz Lens Effects Bokeh filters to blur the edges. Having the other leaves out of focus creates an emphasis on the center of the image. I experimented with changing the hue to make the leaf red, but it ended up looking bloody and I didn’t want my Valentines art turning into a zombie-inspired nature print. Ugh.

Now, on to the writing prompt. In honor of Valentine’s Day, write a verse for a greeting card. Your love poem should rhyme and include the following words: love, heart, and sweet. The rest is up to you.