Catching Up

So far this year I haven’t been back on course with the Thursday writing prompts, or much else. A hard-drive crash on my old computer, doctor’s appointments, and various other issues have made this month pretty much of a logistical nightmare. I hope this isn’t the way the rest of the year is going to be. And I’ve already realized that my intention of taking a European vacation this year is going to have to be put off until next year. There’s just too much to get done this year, and not enough money to spread around.

But I think I may be close to getting my groove back for writing. I’ve been working on some encyclopedia articles and I have several in various stages of completion. My goal is to get five of them done by the end of this coming week. Two are written and need to bed edited and reviewed, two need to be finished and are about three-quarters done, and one is hostage on my old computer’s secondary drive and on my backup hard drive. I just haven’t opened the computer case to take out the old hard drive and install it in the new one yet. In any case, I’m feeling pretty good about getting these done, which will leave me with seven articles due the end of April.

And next week, I start working on my research paper. I’m already doing the reading, but my way of taking notes is a bit, um. Well, I don’t take notes until I’m done with my first read because I’m never sure what I’m going to find important to my paper. Instead, I decorate the books with flags so that by the time I start writing I have a stack of books that look like porcupines. And some hastily scribbled notes that are sometimes just short phrases and links to page numbers. It works for me, even if it isn’t the most organized way of doing research.

Well, now I’m off to do some reading about airships. And keep an eye on the airship postcards I’ve bid for on eBay. I’ve started a collection and I have three cards with two on order. It’s not much, but so far it’s an informal collection and I pick up a card or two when I have some spare cash. I’m trying to decide whether to make an album or mat and frame some of them to go with my Graf Zeppelin model, which I haven’t assembled yet.