Thursday Writing Prompt No. 126


Writing can be a lonely business, but it’s necessary to have some time to yourself in order to sort out what you’re working on and just get words down. You don’t have to go to a snowy mountaintop, although if the lodge is serving hot chocolate that might be a good thing. I’ve finished another round of edits to my novel and sent it off to beta readers.

This week’s Thursday Writing Prompt focuses on snow, for no apparent reason other than I’ve used this screen shot of my Guild Wars 2 character, Freya Stohrm, as an illustration for this post. So, write about snow. Think about how the atmosphere feels when it’s snowing and try to describe that in a paragraph. If you live somewhere in the tropics, write about how you would feel if it suddenly snowed in your hometown, or describe how looking at photos of snow makes you feel.

The core of this week’s prompt is setting, so no matter how you approach the subject, the snow should be an integral part of the landscape you’re writing about.


Thursday Writing Prompt No. 111

Interior of trolley at the Baltimore Trolley Museum.

Interior of trolley at the Baltimore Trolley Museum.

Welcome to this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt. I resisted the impulse to post a snow picture because I think more than a few of us are sick of the cold weather. But what would happen if we were permanently stuck with this weather? Suppose you lived on a planet where this is the way it is all the time. Winter isn’t just coming; it’s here. And it’s here to stay.

Write a short description of a planet where this weather pattern is the norm. Assuming the inhabitants have similar needs to us as far as their needs for air, water, food, and warmth, what adaptations would they have made to deal with their planet’s climate? Do they have something like cars, or do they use sleds? Flying machines? Are they that advanced?

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 96


I’ve been too busy wrapping myself in blankets to go outside and take photos of the snow, so here’s a photo from a couple of years ago for today’s inspiration. Hey, this morning it was only 10 degrees Fahrenheit and now it’s 23 degrees. How often can you say the temperature has increased 230 percent over the course of the day? Yoiks!

In honor of snow days, this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt is about using weather to create atmosphere in your writing. Specifically, snow.

Write a description of a scene that includes snow. Don’t get lazy and use words like cold, white, and fluffy to describe the landscape. Snow can actually be a variety of colors, although it’s usually caused by algae or contaminants. If you want to write science fiction, do an Internet search for colored snow, watermelon snow, green snow, or any other combination and do a bit of research.

Adding sensory detail to your scene will make it more real. Think about how it sounds when you walk on snow, or the sensation you feel when you hold snow in your hand. Really strive to describe it, and pretend you are writing for an audience that’s never experienced snow. Don’t rely on your reader’s shared experience to fill in gaps in your narrative.

Have fun, try to stay warm, and get some writing done.