Thursday Writing Prompt No. 107

Stonehenge "postcard" that I created from one of my photographs.

Stonehenge “postcard” that I created from one of my photographs.

Welcome to 2015 and this year’s first Thursday Writing Prompt! In honor of New Year’s Day I thought I’d give you a prompt that involved a new location and a new year, although not necessarily “new” in the sense of a linear timeline.

Imagine that you fell asleep after your New Year’s Eve revelries (or in front of the TV) and when you woke up the world around you was literally different. Instead of resting comfortably in bed or on the sofa, you awake to find yourself wrapped in a linen blanket and nestled in a pile of straw. And yes, there’s probably a flea or louse or some other unwelcome beast sharing the straw with you.

You jump up, noticing that the walls surrounding you are earthen walls. You panic and run outside. Your hut is just one of many small rough-built structures clustered along the edge of what appears to be a building site in an open field. Your mouth drops open when you see the massive stone sentinels — it’s Stonehenge — only it hasn’t been completely built yet.

Okay, now this is where you pick up the thread of the story. Who are you and why are you at Stonehenge? How did you get transported back in time? And just what is Stonehenge?

Post-vacation Blues



It’s always rough to come back from vacation and get started back into the workaday routine. I missed my pets and the comfort of being surrounded by my own stuff, but that’s about it. I sure didn’t miss my neighborhood with its ridiculous amounts of loud noise or the horrendous humidity of the Washington, D.C., area. Yes, I know other places are worse, but that’s not particularly reassuring. I had adjusted to lower temperatures and humidity and the night we arrived home it was nearly 77 degrees at Dulles airport and according to one weather app it was nearly 100 percent humidity.

I spent the last two weeks touring London, Bath, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands with a peek at Loch Ness (sans monster), Great Yarmouth, and Paris, collecting refrigerator magnets and the occasional posh souvenir. The weather was generally nice, although it did rain a couple of days, prompting me to purchase a souvenir Cutty Sark umbrella from Greenwich. I took a raincoat but it never quite made it out of the luggage and it hogged way too much space in the suitcase. I could have bought more souvenirs…

Now that vacation is over I plan to make a packing list for my next trip based on the things I took and the things I never used. I used a gym bag for my carry-on luggage, but next trip it’s definitely going to be a real piece of luggage with wheels. Even at fourteen pounds, the bag seemed much heavier and the nylon strap dug into my neck.

Well, it’s time to settle back into my writing routine. I’ll be posting some photos from the trip along with new posts. Look for the next installment of the Thursday Writing Prompt later this week.