NaNo 2017, Plodding Along

I’m behind the NaNo word-count goal by about 3300 words, so I need to write more than the minimum of 1667 words a day to finish my 2017 novel at the end of November. It’s still well within the realm of possibility, but today, other than being a work day, I’m finding all sorts of excuses to avoid the beast. Write before work? It didn’t happen this morning. I usually take a short coffee break in the morning and fit in some writing, but I avoided that, too. And now it’s nearly lunchtime and I’m writing about not writing instead of writing. Ah, the procrastination has set in!

But there’s nothing new about that, and only one way to fix it. So, a bite of lunch, another cup of coffee, and words. Many, many words. Let them gush forth like a geyser and spray on the virtual page, never mind what gets wet. Unless it’s the keyboard …

Good luck, fellow NaNo writers!

NaNo 2012, Day 7

I thought with this being my second year with NaNo that I’d be off and running from the start, but it’s been a slog every single day. Today’s word count was 1571, putting me short of the 1,667 daily minimum. But I have been writing more than that most days, so my grand total is up to 16,191.

Tomorrow I start a new chapter and hope to get ahead of the curve. In the meantime it’s time to leave the keyboard and get some rest. I have a few ideas to turn over in my mind before I start typing tomorrow.

See you in NaNo land!

Thursday Writing Prompt No. 66

Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo, so my focus is on getting my word count in and trying not to make a complete mess of my first chapter. But I sent my inner editor off an a world tour in the hopes that she’ll come back with some wonderful souvenirs and leave me alone while I write my novel.

For this week’s Thursday Writing Prompt, come up with a brief bio for a main character for a novel. If you are working on a NaNo novel, or any other project that you’ve already started, then try to delve deeper into your character to find out what makes him or her tick. This isn’t as easy as it might seem, so pretend you’re interviewing your characters and come up with a list of questions to ask. In reality, those questions are for you as you try to flesh out the characters and make them as believable as you can.

I plan to post my progress in NaNo as well as continue my weekly prompts, so stay tuned. I’m also participating in a Word War, the Maryland Blue Crabs vs. the Texas Lushguins. I’ve chosen 80,000 as my personal goal this year, but more would be better for the competition. That puts my daily word goal at 2,667 — a full thousand words more than the regular NaNo daily goal.